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What is now Grosso Dentistry began in 1950 when Dr. Anthony Tylenda started practicing general dentistry.  Dr. Tylenda earned a degree in dentistry from Georgetown University and prior to retirement, he practiced dentistry in Falls Church, VA and taught dentistry at Georgetown University for 35 years.

After Dr. Tylenda's retirement, the practice was run by F. Paul Grosso DDS.  Dr. Paul Grosso graduated from  Georgetown University School of Dentistry where he is a former professor of prosthodontics for thirty years. 

Having spent more than 35 years serving the Falls Church and Arlington communities with top-quality dental care, he retired in 2009.  Grosso Dentistry is now run by his son, Dr. Michael E. Grosso.

Dr. Michael E. Grosso's love of dentistry began as a child when he would visit his father teaching at Georgetown University regularly.  He continues to practice with the same philosophy of care that both Dr. Tylenda and Dr. Paul Grosso passed down. 

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